Canyon Lake, the 4th of July, and my SUP

Independence Day here in America.

These words take on new meaning to many of us what with our current political climate. The inbreed trash and the racists have combined to ruin this country, or at least rise from the sewers and be in control. They have their own David Duke in the White House.

I digress from what I meant to say though. In Arizona, any summer’s day must begin early, and so I rise at 5am, load up the truck, and head to a new destination with my paddle board, Canyon Lake.
I hit the water at just before 7am, and already the beach is full of families for the 4th of July. I cruise along the shoreline to avoid the boats and personal watercraft. Sweat starts pouring off my brow a few minutes later.
Regardless, Canyon Lake is a stunningly beautiful wonder, with high canyon walls surrounding the water.
I relish in my continued belief of not wasting a moment, and carry on. The exertion of paddle boarding clears my mind of the torrid state of affairs in this country.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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