So for my Easter Sunday, I went to the Rose Wagner repertory dance theatre to see the production of Chairs after hearing about it from X96 morning co-host Bill Allred on Facebook. Not having attending much (if any) Modern Dance, I went with an open mind but not much expectation. I was more than pleasantly surprised. This 65 minutes intrepretive dance was a haunting, sensual, and inspiring piece of work.
“beautifully shaped…an event that deepens in meaning, and as its fabric grows more and more substantial, it becomes translucent rather then dense.” (The Village Voice)
I’m glad i was able to catch it’s final performance here in SLC. It has re-kindled my passion for art in the Salt Lake area, and of the beauty the downtown area has to offer to all of us.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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