Normally I choose to spend my money on experiences when I travel, not on where I will sleep. I’m still not sure what led me to decide on staying at the luxurious Hotel Mousai during my stay in Puerto Vallarta.

Then I remember….the nagging suspicion that I will not have a long life of retirement, in fact I would not be surprised if I die within a year of quitting work. I need to make the most of the time I have available right now.

From the moment I check in the employees treat me warmly, in stark contrast to the snobby guests that smell of filthy rich money. They can tell I’m not the usual guest at their hotel. They help me get my rides to the daily adventures I have scheduled, bring me coffee early each morning without hesitation.

Upon returning to the hotel in the late afternoon after a day outside, the rooftop infinity pool and bar has house music pumping loudly for the guests lounging about. It is usually close to closing time for them as they need to prepare to dinner that will start in a couple of hours.

They always let me get a bite to eat though from a small menu, which is more than enough to satisfy my hunger. I talk with the local workers, friendly conversations about their family, life in Puerto Vallarta, etc….

I then return to my room, and head out onto the deck that overlooks Banderas Bay. I have a hot tub on the deck that relaxes muscles as I sink in to relish another glorious Mexican sunset.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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