The sun had yet to rise as I make my way slowly along the dark highway, looking for the glowing eyes of deer that may be thinking of darting out in front of my car.

As the caffeine from my coffee starts to work, I close in on the gate to Deception Pass. I know nothing of this place except for a pamphlet in the hotel room. There is no one at the gate this early in the morning.

I leave some money and make my way down the road. The first lake I come to calls my name and I pull over.

A small park bench is at the edge of lake. Sitting down, the days first light shows me a herd of geese, or perhaps swans, feeding and conversing with each other.

Further on down the lake shore I go, and find a peninsula that separates this lake from another larger body of water, the start of the mighty Pacific Ocean. On the lakeside, a family of birds sits on the frozen water, catching the suns rays of menial warmth.

On the other side lay massive amounts of driftwood, smooth beach stones, and the symphony of endless waves.

After a time here, I find it to be mid morning, and realize that I need to be moving on. I only make it a few more miles before coming to the grand spectacle that is the Deception Pass Bridge, connecting Whidbey Island to the mainland.

I find a trail to hike, taking me along the clearest blue-green waters that flow between the canyon walls and around the islands. Flora and fauna surprise and delight.

The trail splits, and for the more adventuresome, you can go to the top of the mountain. The morning chill disappears and sweat drips in happy buckets from my brow as I ascent. The view from the top is a 360 degree mecca that I sit and marvel over.

When my Father hears of my location, he tells me that he fished under this bridge some forty odd years ago. He perhaps walked along the same trail then as I did, taking in the same beauty.

At least I like to think so…..

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