On the edge of the Adriatic sea, great walls rise from the ground. Stone bricks protecting the fortress that is Diocletians Palace.
Built at the turn of the fourth century, this massive complex is home to both historic relics of the past and modern day conveniences of living quarters, shops and restaurants.
We start the day by exploring the endless tunnels, ready for a new adventure.
The busts of Roman emperors stand guard on pedestals as you make your way from room to room. Tombs, bones and other archaeological finds strewn throughout the underground of the palace.
The palace also displays modern works of art with messages for those living today. On this particular morning symbols showing the faces of oppression and terrorism were the message.
In the palace center is a giant open courtyard where one can sit in the midday sun with a local Ozujsko and enjoy the scenery.
After finishing our lunch, we wander more along the cobbled streets, finding delights and surprises around every corner.
I must say that the Roman Emperor Diocletian couldn’t have picked a better place to build his retirement spot than here in Split, at the edge of the sea.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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