As BCK was cutting wood boards for the library shelves at St. Winners school, inevitably their were scraps leftover. As I was walking the dark hallway and observing the classrooms of children, I noticed that the floor was covered with little coats and backpacks.

A rare moment of brilliance occurred to me. Why not use the scraps of leftover wood and nails and turn them into simple racks for the kids to hand their backpacks and coats on?

So I grabbed a piece of sandpaper and paintbrush and went to work on the first one…

The response from the school was overwhelming, they couldn’t be happier to have a place to hang their stuff. It was such a simple, yet in many ways, such a powerful idea.

The other team members saw what joy it brought to the students, and soon we became a hanging rack machine, cranking them out for every classroom, making sure that everyone had a place to hang their belongings. Nothing would be left on the floor.

So simple of an idea, with such a profound impact on the students. It was certainly one of my best moments of our 2013 expedition.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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