The strength and energy emanating from the countryside around Huntercrook was infectious. The farm is run by two of the loveliest people, Robin and Julia, and is full of roaming chickens around the yard, with larger livestock visible in the fields beyond.

Robin is a former London chef, and his flair for cooking and meal preparation was out of this world. Julia’s style of interior decorating submerges one into a sense of country time serenity with her knicknacks adorning the walls of Huntercrook.

I sleep well my first night after dinner, and take my time in the morning getting ready for the day. After a satisfying English breakfast, I head out into the countryside for a day of exploring.

As previously mentioned, I first head on over to Vindolanda to explore the ancient Roman ruins. The wooden path signs show me a way back to Hadrian’s Wall through the woods, and I disappear into the country like a peasant of olde.

These old trees speak to me in their otherworldly tongue, telling me that I am safe out here under their watch.

The laughter from a babbling brook fills my face with a smile as I cross the bridge slowly.

The wind cools my back.

I’m back at Steel Rigg, and wander further out into a hillside field to get away from the crowds. I lay down a blanket to rest under the clouds as my mind is pierced with the abundance of good energy from the Crags.

I climb the stone stairs again until I’m back at Sycamore Gap. The tree branches sway in the light summer wind as the pages in my book slowly turn.

The sun browns my skin.

As afternoon makes its way to evening, I head on back down to Huntercrook. No hunger all day as the morning breakfast kept me fully satisfied. I get into the hot tub to relax my muscles before our evening meal.

The sun sets and the farm glows with fire like intensity.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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