Winter in Arizona is full of blue skies and temperatures in the seventies for the month of February, and that’s just alright by me.
Time to get back into the Superstition mountains and onto another trail. This time I find the Lost Goldmine, and away I go.
Whilst enjoying the beautiful day and scenery, I find that I’m lost, as the trail just abruptly ends in the middle of nowhere. I take a big swig of water and survey my surroundings.
I see another trail that I can access by crisscrossing the desert, and use a couple giant cacti to keep me on course. I eventually connect back to my original trail, and then head back home. Perhaps another day I’ll find the way to actually summit these mountains, but for today, I’m alright with the hiking and exploration that was done.
It’s just all about getting out there.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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