After my failed attempt to reach Angel’s landing, I sit at Scout’s lookout wondering what is next in store for me. I could head back down the mountain or I could go into the unknown and follow the West Rim Springs trail to see where it leads….I think you know what happened next….

I check my water levels and start hiking the West Rim Springs trail. Within minutes I find myself completely and totally alone, which is a welcome treat after the throngs of crowds around Angel’s Landing. The occasional crow caws loudly, its cry echoes off the mighty canyon walls.

I move quickly through the shadows trying to keep warm. Slowly but surely I start to incline my way up another mountain. This trail has some impressive drop-offs, but no chains bolted into the rock face. I stay close to the lee of the mountain as I continue upward.

I can’t say with certainty, but I definitely feel that landscapes look more impressive when you are the only one around to see them. Something about being alone with Mother Nature in all of her splendor makes the surroundings more meaningful, more beautiful.

Perhaps I’m just in love.

I reach the summit, find a tree hanging precariously close to the edge, and rest against the trunk. I have a little lunch with a family of mule deer, letting my legs dangle over the edge.

The view almost takes my breath away, but somehow I make it back down in one piece.

Ironically, two days later, my body falls apart.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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