My body fails me, and so does our healthcare system

What a tough couple of weeks. This has been my first chance to write as I’ve been a mess ‘O pain lately. A few weeks ago, I started not being able to sleep thru the night. I’d wake up at midnight, one Am. 3 am, etc.. etc.. etc.. with back pain that got progressively worse. At first i though it was just stress from work, as that has triggered my lower back pain before. But a week ago last Wednesday, I woke up at 5 am in excruciating back pain, hardly able to breathe or walk. Hobbling into Aaron’s room, I had to wake him up and get me the the ER. The Doctor’s looked me over, took a CT scan, and thought I had Kidney stones. Again!, I thought. (see here)

I was heavily medicated in the ER, but thru my dopey haze, I hear the doctor’s say that they think they see three kidney stones, but the radiologist doesn’t see any. Of course, they don’t have a clue what is really happening to me. So they just discharge me, tell me to drink lots of water, make an appt. for a Urologist, and basically hope for the best…
But I did get all this lovely Medication…
and all of these great little urine strainers
I go the Urologist a few days later, and after waiting over 1/2 an hour, he see’s me for all of five minutes, concurs with the H & P from the hospital, saying he see’s no kidney stones either. Wonderful healthcare I’m receiving. So he thinks it might be acute back pain. At this point I don’t think anyone has any idea, but I’ll become a pharmaceutical pin cushion, and try whatever he prescribes.
When I get home, I decide to just listen to my own thoughts. I stopped drinking Diet Coke cold turkey. I went and bought a filtered Brita water pitcher. I stretch each morning and each evening to try and keep all my muscles loose. And I’m on a more routine exercise program. Last night I finally slept over 8 hours without waking up once, and I feel pretty good. I am also going to go see a Chiropractor this Friday that my brother uses and he really likes. It can’t hurt, right?


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?