“Let him think that I am more man than I am and I will be so.”
Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea
     I look for something unique whenever possible for my travels, as the mundane is a poisonous pill to this already short life. So, when I heard about Aqua Expeditions and the chance to go explore the Amazon in Peru, I was intrigued, until I saw the boat on their web page, and I was hooked.  A year later, I was in the dark Amazonian jungle boarding the Aqua……
 Luxury Peruvian cuisine in such isolation, having your cabin window open to the expansive jungle, daily excursions to find creatures seldom seen, it all sounded like a dream. 
Thinking back to my time there, it still feels like one as well.
The Aqua has the feel of a junket ship from the past, yet all the comforts of home on the inside.
With only 12 cabin rooms total, one doesn’t worry about crowds or any other problems one may have on larger vessels. We only had 22 total passengers, which became like family by the end of the adventure. You also got to know the crew, if one wished, and language barriers couldn’t stop friendships and bonds from being formed, as you both would be gazing upon scenes such as this daily….
At dinner last Sunday, as I was telling my parents about the trip, my Dad remarked ” son, you get to do and see things and places that most of us will only hear or read about…”
I only smiled and nodded, but thought to myself…
“That was Hemingway’s point.”

4 Replies to “The Aqua”

  1. The boat totally made the trip, it definitely felt like something out of the 20's or 30's for sure.

    And that picture is certainly one of my favs's as well!

  2. That boat is something else! Looks like something from the 1920/30s. Must have been amazing being so close to the jungle, but still in a hotel?

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