I can’t recall why we decided to drive to Thika, about 45 minutes outside of Nairobi, but the four of us did. It could have been weekday or weekend, as days seem to blend together while in Kenya.

What I can recall was the discovery of the Blue Post Hotel.  Started in 1908 as a stopover for white settlers who lived and farmed in Central Kenya, it is now a hotel, park, animal centre and museum.

It was a quiet little place that was perfect to for us chill out, and momentarily distract us from the slums we had been working in.

The Blue Post Hotel is the only hotel between two waterfalls, the Thika falls and Chania Falls.

The animal park was empty. We wanted to see what a animal park in Kenya would be like, and with admission being a few schillings ( less than a dollar per person), we happily paid and entered.

Our guide provoked crocodiles with a stick, climbed in the porcupine pit to get us a quill as a souvenir, let us feed the tortoise and monkeys. It was like the best school field trip ever.

The museum was one room, old but filled with interesting pieces and facts. It even had a hippopotamus skull that one of us barely escaped.

After all that, we walked the park amidst indigenous trees and flowers, laughing and smiling as one can only do in Kenya.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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