My family is full of military service on both sides. My mum is from Australia and her brother, Father, and Uncles all served for that country. My Dad was in the Navy during Vietnam, his brothers also served under different branches for the USA. I’ve lost family members to war.

I’ve never served, yet feel a strange connection to the armed services. I explore this connection during a day at the Pima Air and Space museum in Tucson, Arizona.

I wander around in the desert sun, admiring all of the different styles of aircraft that this country has created over the years. Although I’m not a fan of war or the military industrial complex as I see it, one can still appreciate what this places showcases.

My own father feels that any dissenting opinions about the military or our government is a direct slap in the face to him and all those that served.

So I keep my thoughts to myself, which keeps our relationship distant.

Perhaps that is why I come to museums such as these. I can feel closer to him and the service he provided. I can express myself to these military relics without feeling judgement.

Patriotism is extremely personal, love of country is within one’s soul.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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