I’ve never been much into the club scene, techno dance and the like. In this day and age though of global music being easily shared, one can expand their horizons, musically speaking.

The Xx have been a British alt-techno pop band that I’ve been listening to since their debut album in 2009. When I heard they were touring the USA for their new album, Co-Exist, I checked out the city dates, saw Seattle, and plans were made.

Seattle is for misfits, the outcast and different. We all gathered at the historic Paramount Theatre in downtown, arriving early to get to the front of the Orchestral Pit. I’m in the second row, surrounded by young girls perfume and pretty boys ganga. I breathe it all in deeply.

The music pumps to my soul, as toes tap and hips sway to the beat. I get chills of excitement, quench my desire after a fabulous show.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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