When I first read about little old Kanab having an annual “Balloons & Tunes Festival“, I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of it before. I mean, I lived in Utah for some 40 plus years.
Yet it took me moving to Arizona to find a weekend of adventure up in Kanab.
The dark clouds looked threatening as I pulled into town mid-morning on a Saturday. I find the blocked off Main Street where booths were set up and the Battle of the Bands was to take place. I enjoy the small town feel of the locals as I admire their wares and tasty foods.
The hot air balloons were cancelled today due to the inclement weather, and the next day wasn’t looking any better. I was bummed for sure, but I’ve learned by now that you can’t ever let weather ruin your plans.
Dance in the rain, as they say.
Instead I stay warm under the tent canopy as local bands from all over the West play in the Battle of the Bands contest. I hear all styles of music, and thoroughly enjoy the scene. As evening time rolls around, a break in the rain does allow for a brief showing of the hot air balloon baskets to light up the night sky.
Later, the crowd that has stayed to endure the cold night are rewarded with a lantern glow. As we all make our wishes, I hear many that hope for good weather tomorrow. I feel sad as I know that wish will not come true. I light my lantern and wish for something bigger, much bolder and more universal.
 I watch my wish lantern slowly take flight as it rises with hundreds of others up into the night sky, becoming one with the stars above.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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