Amitabha Stupa Peace Park

The Sedona vortex is a place full of spirituality, mystery and wonder. People travel from around the world to be conducive to the energies said to emanate from these Red Rocks, and leave feeling inspired, uplifted and renewed after visiting.
 Lately I’ve been feeling more drawn to the mystical powers of such beliefs, and when I heard about a Tibetan peace park called Amitabha Stupa that was built upon one of these vortices,  I knew that a trip was in order to explore this place further.
 I arrive just after sunrise on a blue bird Saturday morning. A few others are already here meditating. I quietly make my way along the dirt path and come to the mighty Stupa, said to represent the body of Buddha. I walk clockwise around the Stupa in my bare feet, letting the cool morning revitalize my skin, and feel an immediate power wash over me, cleanse and calm me.
 I find a Medicine Wheel, an ancient Native American symbol used to represent the circle of life, and in a larger sense, a map of the universe and the spiritual powers within it. In the center of the wheel is a circle of seven stones which are referred to as the seven sacred dancers.
 One walks the Medicine Wheel for guidance, healing, or clarity when life challenges us to look deeper within ourselves.

With prayerful intent, I enter and walk. I’ve been at a crossroads lately, and need some guidance on which path to take.

I find answers and peace.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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