It’s equal parts pathetic and part of life, but we haven’t made our homemade salsa since 2010.

It was time to change all of that nonsense, so earlier this summer I made it a priority that come Labor Day weekend, we were getting back to tradition and dicing up some deliciousness.

This year my niece was old and mature enough to jump right in and help out, and she sure was a trooper, running the dicing blender like a pro.
Although it ended up being a long night (almost into the next morning), we killed it, making over 250 jars of fresh, homemade goodness.
For those math geeks out there, it came to about $2.52 a quart. From some super hot batches, to pineapple and peach, my Monday Night Football will be enjoyed with my first bottle being cracked open…

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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