We awake at dawn, rising from our bunk beds in our hostel, quickly getting breakfast, then pile into our vans for the long drive out to our tent camp in Ol-Moran out on the Maasai Mara.

For me, the Mara never loses it’s beauty or mystique. From your tent camp where you can unzip the canvas windows to let the sounds of the animals enter your room at night, to the endless open expanse of wild landscape, I am constantly captivated here.

From a cheetah’s focused glance, to a male lion’s air of governance over his domain, you feel the power of nature in the air. Your presence is one of little significance in the chain of command.

You also never know what to expect out here. I saw creatures that I had before not seen, a family of mongoose playing, a giant lizard meandering across the road, disappearing in the brush.

A herd of water buffalo grazing, with the beautiful acacia trees in the background. Moments that will forever be burned in my memory.


To see animals on their own turf, surviving in the elements, instinctively living each day is quite the sight….and one I am always thankful to witness.

4 Replies to “base camp Ol-moran : into the Maasai Mara”

  1. Great shots of those animals!I love the emotions you have captured. Were you pretty close or utilizing the zoom on the camera?

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