I always have a sense of trepidation when returning to a previous project that I’ve been involved with in Kenya. You never know if the work you did was sustained throughout your absence for a year by the school itself, or perhaps theft or vandalism destroyed your hard work.

Last year Build.Create.Kenya’s first humanitarian trip to Kenya focused on the St.Winners primary school. We completed a library, water storage shed, skylights, and overall painting and beautification of the school.

As we returned and walked into the hallway of the school, the first classroom saw me and literally erupted in joyful screams ( they had no idea we were coming). For those that were with us this year for their first time, they described the scene through teary eyes as one of the single most emotional experiences they had ever had.

The school looked better than ever, and with the increased student enrollment from our work last year, the Headmaster of the school was able to rent a plot next to the one they owned and have it hold three more classrooms, full of students inside.

The house plants were still alive and growing, being well tended after. The paint looked new, the library had students in it as St. Winners had more students than space. The partnership between BCK and St. Winners is a true success and we look forward to continue growing together.

On our last day in Kenya, we returned to say goodbye to the school. A couple of our volunteers wanted to spend more time with the children here. As we arrived, Winnie, the headmaster, lovingly offered us some food. We sat in her little office and politely accepted our plate of rice and beans.

The library was directly behind the office, a small open window with iron bars allows the students to watch us. I was sitting against this wall when I feel a small tap on my shoulder….

“How are You?”

Those simple words having meaning that is hard to describe. I grab my phone, and take a few pictures of them, then decide to film a little exchange we had before I leave Kenya for another year.

With the library shelves in the background, I remember this small but powerful moment I had with the people that I hold close to my heart.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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