Fingers slowly run across the long, grey tipped whiskers on his face. Staring into the dirty mirror, trying to remember the reflection I see, the person I am now.


Minutes, hours, days…all jumbled together in a haze of nothingness.

When did you last shower?

No point in checking the clock for the time, as all one sees is darkness outside. I grab the barest of essentials : water, camera, long john’s, trail mix, music.

The air outside is unseasonably mild, yet electric with the impending storm approaching.

Don’t think about it, just get in the car and drive….

And with the stars twinkling overhead, I leave the darkness of cities still in slumber to the vast emptiness of my destination….

Covering 1.9 million acres, the Grand Staircase/Escalante is a wonder of nature and perfect for one who wishes to not be bothered. In the cool November morning air, I stumble upon the Calf Creek Falls trailhead.

It sounds as good as any trail to explore in this wilderness. I set final preparations and head out,  hearing the faint sounds of scavengers in the desert howling atop the high rock cliffs.

Did you hear that?

Scanning the plateau high above me, I see native people looking down, coyotes pacing back and forth, vultures hovering from above.

Remember to breathe, drink your water, you are stronger than they are….

The bright sun mixed with dark shadows plays trick on my mind. I am alone, so totally alone out here. Mile after mile, pushing forward on the sandy trail.

Do not prolong your day, use your time…

The river trout scurry as my figure frightens the fish in the pristine waters. I hear a thunderous roar…

You must be close now.

The emerald pool catches the torrents of water cascading down the rocks. I marvel at nature’s work, her sculptured and smooth artistic ambiance.

I eat, drink, rest for an indeterminate amount. Hiking back, I scratch my long whiskers, and smile as I remember who the reflection is.
I am the same, yet different.
These thoughts stick with me, mulling them over as the sun sets over the mountains.




 Just another day outside of one’s four cornered room….

4 Replies to “Calf Creek Falls”

  1. Great movie. Looks like real cowboy country there. You're real lucky to have that sort of open space nearby. At times that must feel spooky out there on your own?

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