I leave the view from the Window, judge the water remaining in my canteen, and decide to continue along the trail to Oak Springs. I remember hearing that a waterfall may be the reward at the end of the trail, depending upon the weather and recent rainfall.

I start trekking up the mountainside as the day gets warmer.
 The rocky shale becomes slippery the higher that I go. I’m acutely aware of the ground and look for slithering serpents as I make my way. After a couple of miles, I come to a viewpoint of the massive valley below.
 I decide to rest here for a bit, and set up my equipment to take a time-lapse of the area while I take it easy. After a few minutes though, a curious wasp decides to be keenly interested in me, and no amount of swatting will keep it at bay.

I abandon my time-lapse as I down the last of my water. I misjudged the heat. I realize that I will not make it to the waterfall, but the view was more than worth it.

I find a nice little rocky outcrop away from the wasp. Stretch and myself sit here for a spell as I’m texting Sea Bee to find out how her time in Las Vegas is going.

It’s one of the last times that we felt close before everything changed in the New Year.
 I blow her a kiss and wish her a Happy New Year, then Stretch and I pack it up and head on back to the trailhead before we die of dehydration.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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