Our family went on vacation a few years back to Glacier National Park. My sister was killed a few months later. My mind continually finds itself returning here to remember the simple things we did as brother and sister.
I returned to Glacier over labor day weekend a couple of weeks ago in attempt to purge some emotions, or perhaps to relive them. I went to walk again in the pristine wilderness that we both once shared.


I head up to Logan Pass at an elevation over six thousand feet. From here one can hike the loop trail through the park, along a craggy, small trail that hugs the cliff on one side, and drops to infinity on the other. Rocky Mountain Sheep are grazing in fields below, and the wind is gusting at a good clip. I hold the cable and head toward the beautiful unknown.

Do I have an epiphany? I feel her laughter and kind spirit, coursing through my bloodstream like a wonderful drug. The same effect she had on me when alive.

That feeling is enough.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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