My niece had a Cheer competition in Phoenix, so I had my brother’s family all here for a weekend. I talked them into finally going to the Arizona Renaissance Festival, something I’ve enjoyed every year since I’ve lived here myself.

We start out at the Fairhaven theater, and to my delight we see a new show for me, Snorkel the Pig! My brother was selected to be part of the show (something that I’m sure made him super uncomfortable) and it was hilarious.

From there we saw Adam the fire cracking whip, a new sword swallower, tried our hand at some terrible axe throwing, and ended the day seeing the final Joust to the Death.

The magic of live theater performances is what I love the most about the RenFest, and hopefully they appreciated it as well.

I believe they did.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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