Crescent Moon Ranch cabin

Disclaimer **Please remember that this is a rustic historic ranch house and not a modern hotel. It is a cabin in the forest and very old. It was built by ranchers of the original homestead and made available for public use by the US Forest Service.

It was the disclaimer that hooked me into renting this cabin for weekend. I love the feel of cabins built in a by-gone era of ranchers and cowboys of The West. Crescent Moon Ranch cabin certainly fit the bill.

The cabin is spacious enough to easily hold ten people, so I have plenty of room for just my lonesome. I set up the cooking area, prep the bedroom with my sleeping bag, and then ready myself for relaxation and adventure in equal amounts.

The views of Cathedral Rock never leave my eyesight as I make my way down to Oak Creek, a little watery oasis of a river that runs through this desert landscape. I fish for awhile, smiling as others wade by in the river itself, cooling off in the cold water from the heat of the day.

I bike on down to the ranch area, exploring other old historic buildings that have been preserved, then make my way up to a summit to watch the sunset. Its one of the best ones yet, which is quite the statement with the number of glorious sunsets we get here in Arizona.

I take my time in the morning to really appreciate the coffee passing by my lips. I watch the clouds rolling in each afternoon as the sun continues on its westward journey.

The Vortex continues to relax and inspire me, and this weekend was no exception.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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