Since World of Difference believes that education is the key to a child’s future, we asked the staff at our resort in Lamu if they wouldn’t mind taking us to a local school for a visit. They gladly obliged.
As we walked the sandy trail, the heat and humidity were getting the best of some of us. Our guide mentioned that this was the “cool” time of the year, and that come December it was nearly impossible for man nor animal to walk on the scorching sand.
We come to the ruins of an ancient mosque, then the jungle opens and we see the village for the first time. It is my first true exposure to a Muslim community.

The village, at first, seems almost deserted, with only animals to be seen. Slowly though, the people appear, looking out windows and from behind walls to see the new visitors.
Curiosity is a powerful thing though, and this propels the children to come to us. With the children around our group, they lead us to the headmaster of the local school in the village, and we get to see a wonderfully built school. He tells us about their education program, his future goals for his community, and the current problems they are facing.

As we walk and talk, I turn to see little faces pointing at us from open doorways of classrooms. I make of game of hide and seek with them.
They laugh at the mzungu (white person), but it relieves the tension, as I hope they see that we aren’t threatening, we are all one people.

As we get ready to leave, our group pulls together what money we have to leave for the school ( we didn’t have any supplies with us to give) as we want to thank the teachers for all that they do.

The headmaster and teachers are so very grateful, and I personally felt a connection to a place  never before seen by my eyes, and couldn’t be happier with my increased understanding and world view. 

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