My 1953 Dorsett

July 25th 2009…. Crazy, but this is the first time I’ve been fishing, let alone up to Jared and Em’s cabin this year. We got the ole’ 53 Dorsett into the water early Saturday morning, and cruised to a little cove with Hershey and his group. With the government’s insane rules regarding keepable fish out of Strawberry, we had a good time of catch and release, but no keeper’s sadly.Cedar’s first catch of the day. 21 3/4 inches.Kids hanging out in the boat cuddy.After a day of fishing, we headed back to the cabin’s. I hadn’t seen any of Emily’s family since Grandpa Leo passed away in Jan, nor (obviously) had i been up here to see all the work Jared and Emily have done to renovate Leo’s place. It looks fantastic!

Beautiful morning in Fruitland

Grandpa Leo’s memorial plaque. To me, Leo was the grandpa i never had. Love you Leo, and I will always remember our time together in Gustavus.

C-bug and Daddy riding the four wheeler. Me and Sydney also had a good time on them as well.

After a hard day of fishing, four wheeling, a great halibut dinner put on by Shauna and Darlene, it was lights out….

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