Love is inclusive. It Unites.
It knows not of separation.
Grow in the Light of Love
and it’s Heaven’s Promise
that you will be fulfilled.
These words rattle around my skull as I shift into gear and follow the road until it turns into dirt, leaving the cabins and trailers behind in the morning dust.
I want to remember Fruitland from the mountain top, the specks and dots of those I love down in the valley below. I turn the corner, push the throttle, and continue to climb.
Cottontail rabbits are everywhere, hurriedly running from the sound of the engine. The irony of my own departure isn’t lost with the scampering of soft bunnies feet.
I smile and continue to climb.
The engine chokes at 10,000 feet. I calmly rock the machine back and forth until she gets back into neutral, then start again.
Sometimes I need to heed that same motion into this new phase of life.
I push the motor’s limits and feel the whipped frenzy of wind against my face. My hat goes flying off into the sagebrush.
A helmet would have prevented such an incident, and should be worn anyway….
This ride wasn’t about safety though, it was about memories.
and in that respect, the day was a success.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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