In my hometown, the closest one can get to Japanese culture would be a good sushi restaurant with over priced Sake, or perhaps you can find decent tempura on a good day. That’s it.
So it was nice to expand my horizons and visit the most authentic Japanese Garden outside of Japan.

In Washington Park just above downtown Portland, one can leisurely enjoy a quiet and serene morning strolling through five different and captivating gardens. Away from the busy streets, time slows to a tortoise crawl as you walk small stone paths and find delicate and well cared for beauty around each corner.

From an authentic Japanese tea house to a meticulously crafted rock garden, it was a perfect place to start your day in that frame of mind you always hope to find yourself in.

2 Replies to “Japanese Gardens”

  1. Looking back, I'm not sure if it's because I feel better lately than I have in quite awhile, or if it's was the city itself. probably a mixed bag of the two.

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