Slowly I go through the sand on a lone road outside of Joshua Tree. My yearly sabbatical is here, this time staying at Kate’s Lazy Desert.

KLD is made up of a handful of vintage airstream trailers, owned by one of the singers of the band the B52’s. All of that sounded charming and unique to me. As I get past the gate and drive up to my airstream, I see I am the only one staying here.

It’s halloween weekend, and a spooky air is upon me. I get settled in, then head back out for my first sound bath at the Integratron.

The Integratron is a hexagonal structure built entirely without a single nail almost a century ago. Infamous stories of aliens visiting the owner of this place make it a vortex of intense energy. I enter the integratron and learn about the sound bath process, and ready myself for meditation as it starts.

My body heals itself in ways I not thought possible. I leave with a clear head space and a calm soul. The night air is chilly, just the way I like a desert winter evening to be.

I make my way back to KLD and sleep well under a starry night sky.

The next morning I head on out to a antique junkyard. Joshua Tree is full of them, as this place is perfect for those that like to collect the discarded and put them on display in new and interesting ways.

Afterwards I go for a hike in Murongo Valley, then stumble upon a park that is a shrine to Christ the redeemer. The hike felt great, the park kind of weirded me out. Shrines to religion are really hit or miss for me.

I come back to KLD that afternoon, and enjoy the comforts of all the vintage knicks to be found inside the airstream. I notice another car at the opposite end of where I am, but never see the occupants. It’s pretty typical out here for everyone to mind their own business. Probably why I like Joshua Tree so much.

I wake up to watch the sunrise rise and light up the desert on my final morning before heading back out onto the interstate for the long drive home.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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