I remember the day as clearly as this morning….the van door opened and my friend Kevin hopped onto the slum streets of Nairobi, my Ipod mini I gave him in his hand as he left us for two years to a service mission to Ghana.

June 2012.

Two years past, and Build.Create.Kenya continued to build as an organization, working together with the communities we support.

June 2014 came around, and with it came my long overdue reunion with my friend. Head schoolmaster Isaac and I worked on building Kevin a room for him at Hope Learning Centre upon his return so he wouldn’t have to worry about a place to stay.

It lifted my spirit.

Returning to a school that I’d been a part of building since 2009, Hope Learning Centre continues to grow and expand. Seeing the new developments and growth from the initiative of Isaac is inspiring.

Self sufficient schools are one of  the goals of Build.Create.Kenya.

The children always have such heartwarming songs for us visitors. I lose all self awareness and jump right in the mix, singing and dancing the songs that I’ve grown to know and love.

Singing a Kenyan version of the Hokey Pokey ” thumbs up, Thumbs Up!, knees bent, Knees Bent!”
Singing to a Kenyan classic song ” Making melodies with my hands”

I see new faces glow over the school that Isaac has, as it really is a marvel compared to others in the area. Between the safety of wrought iron bars I smile at the progress made and the look of accomplishment upon Isaac’s face as the newcomers congratulate him on his school.
We meet the people behind the scenes at the school : family members that work tirelessly creating gifts to sell at market in hopes to raise additional funds to support the school and the education of the youth that attend here.
There you have it. My connection to Hope Learning Centre. It is one of the many reasons that keeps me coming back to Kenya.

Would you like to know more, or go on a future expedition? Please let us know!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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