I precariously step from rock to rock, trying to avoid the flow of raw sewage seemingly everywhere. A place most wouldn’t dream of going, but amongst the horrid smells and visually painful sights around you is a hidden gem.

The New Beginnings Education Centre.

Build.Create.Kenya’s In-country director, Justus Munyoki, is a powerhouse figure in the slum communities of Nairobi. He tirelessly is working to improve the lives of his fellow Kenyans. One such effort was in starting this school, by himself, in an area that was in desperate need of hope.

As BCK took our 2014 expedition team inside the school to see Justus’s challenges, we are bombarded with smiles, singing and dancing. In fact, the students and teachers are rejoicing in the fact that we have come.

It’s as though they are glad that someone recognizes them as people, and not just more discarded litter.

The songs the children sing sound more like church hymns from a joyous choir, sung with such infectious enthusiasm. Music truly has the power to uplift the downtrodden soul. BCK recognizes the power of music ourselves, and one of our goals is to incorporate music programs into the schools we try to support.

After the children were finished, Pauline and I decide, very impromptu, to give back to New Beginnings with our own song. I pull out a couple of harmonica’s that I brought for the school, and we start to play. I’m not sure how it sounded, but it felt fantastic.

From the laughter of the children, the tears of joy on the team members, and the gratitude on the faces of the teachers, I’d say it went well.

We left some harmonica’s and educational supplies with the school, said our goodbyes, and headed back to our rooms for the evening.

Just another day in Nairobi with Build.Create.Kenya.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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