I hop in the car and just start driving, no set destination in mind. My darker side perhaps wants to test the resolve of the human condition.

With that thought I find a dirt road that leads me out of San Jose Del Cabo and into the lush mountains above. Swerving the car around deep holes in the road so I can venture towards the unknown.

The sand turns soft under the tires so I pull over before I regret going any further. I have nothing but sand dunes, cacti, and ocean surrounding me.

The bellowing dust of the occasional four wheeler breaks the sound of silence. My butterfly friends don’t seem to mind. The distant rain clouds smile in the afternoon light. The fading glow of the day lasts an eternity out here in the empty desert.

As I become mesmerized to the sounds of the ocean waves breaking upon the shoreline, a British couple emerge over a sand hill, hand in hand, the man carrying a basket of empty food containers and a finished bottle of wine.

It’s always nice to see True Love.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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