So this weekend I’ve been stuck in the house working from home on a project, so I wanted to take few minutes to blog about last weekend. The family decided to go to the new South Davis Rec center to play some Racquetball. Haven’t played in quite a while, but it was a blast. The kids went swimming with Grandma and Grandpa, while we played each other. i was able to beat both Aaron and Darin, and jared and I split our games (Which was sweet since he works out every day and is starting to look like Hulk…)

I was also able to ski last Sunday. it was a picture perfect day of blue sky and Sunshine. The only downside was i decided to wax and edge my own ski’s, and they were a little slicker than I anticipated. I did the split’s on the slopes a couple of times before i got used to them, but no falls.

My rant would be that blogger seems to have changed their format so that i can no longer add comments on each pic as they don’t show up under the ‘edit posts’ as pic’s anymore. i guess in the future i’ll have to add one pic at a time, which blows. I also want to rant, but in a good way, about the new season of BB9. The twist this year is the best! I’m tired of watching strategy and just want to watch people completely meltdown and have psychotic breaks on national TV. It is such a better social experiment, and isn’t that what we want to see anyway? Also, i just discovered that you do not need to pay for the live feeds, you can just search for the best clips on YouTube. i can’t believe i’ve never done this before, it adds a whole new dimension of crazy to the game. Be forwarned though, they are completely unedited. With the wind today i won’t be skiing, but I think that I’m ready to start golf and mountain biking anyway. Bring on spring….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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