Just below the Cathedral Rock formation in Sedona is a little oasis called Red Rock Crossing. A special place in the Vortex where spiritual energy is found and dark demons can be released. My plan is to do a little bit of both.

Rock cairns are stacked everywhere along the river, the smooth shapes glistening in the morning light. It is just myself and a lone deer out here this morning. I strip down and slip into the water, almost in traditional baptismal fashion if I believed in that sort of thing.

The sunlight has my eyes burning red, turning the landscape into a dreamy watercolor painting. My demon eyes frighten myself, and so I walk further and higher, hoping to purge the darkness I carry with me on this journey.

By journeys end, the Vortex has once again served its purpose for me. I will continue to return though, to renew and to purge. Replenish and revitalize. One should never be content with the status quo.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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