Rick’s Cafe

I found my driver eventually (he was smoking with his friends in a thatched hut just off the beach) and told him I was ready to go get something to eat.

Rick’s Cafe Ya Mon, that is the place to go.”
 We wind our way along seven mile road in Negril, seemingly driving to the edge of town. You can hear the base pumping well before we reach the cafe.

Rick’s Cafe is world-renowned for being the best location in all of Jamaica for picture perfect sunsets.

I pony up against the sea-side wall, settle in with a bucket of Red Stripes and a dinner of white fish and fresh vegetables, and party to the sounds of Jamaican music.
 As the sun sets, I marvel at my time here in Jamaica and the wonderful adventures I’ve experienced. This place is the perfect ending to my time here before I leave in the morning for a whole new kind of adventure back in the United States.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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