Sauvie Island farm life

A friend of mine shares her tale of a weekend at Sauvie Island, going to the different farmers markets and enjoying a taste of a slower paced lifestyle.

I’d never heard of the island community just outside of Portland, but was intrigued. Some research was done, and accommodations were booked. I flew into PDX on Memorial weekend 2018 to try my hand at simple farm life for a few days.

Passed down from one generation to the next, what started out as a hunting cabin back in the early 1900’s was now a haven for AirBnB enthusiasts. The openness of this place had me swooning upon my arrival.

I could walk to the organic market to pick my own fruits and vegetables. I would pass by families of deer, raccoons and skunks as I wandered in the open fields.

Hours passed by as I lay in a hammock looking at the clouds as cool breezes tickled my beard. I’d read the old newspapers and magazines that lay scattered about.

As evening would slowly come, I grabbed the axe to chop wood for a fire. The flames warm my skin as the night sky starts to show off the galaxy.

Chipped paint on the deck chairs and faded wood hold my heart. I found that the farm life, if only for a few days, could very well be the life for me.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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