I don’t recall ever walking the wooden planks that guide one through Mammoth Springs, but I’m sure I have….maybe in a former life.
The rising steam from the center of the earth was encapsulating me like a dream, one from which I was trapped.
I acknowledged others around me, but they were meaningless. The ghosts of dead loved ones were all my brain could fathom.
I never felt loneliness like this before, and it was crushing me. My mind was betraying my confidence.
The camera is a clear window that I don’t want to look through, too painful.
I summon the courage in the open space of Nature, and wait out the anxiety of my existence instead of jumping the wooden rail and diving into the scalding water before me.
My time will come, just not today.
“It’s only in your head.”

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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