“Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?”
Indiana Jones

I knew when I planned my Amazonian adventure that the likelihood of facing my biggest fear, snakes, had a good chance of looking me right in the face. What surprised me was how I handled it.
At the end of our morning excursion, we were told that we were going to head to shore to go on a jungle hike, and visit with a local village.
I was excited for this until our guide, Roland, had me put on knee high rubbers, as they would “help” protect us from any snake bites.
Change of underwear please….
I was petrified hiking around in the tall jungle grass, whipping my walking stick at anything that remotely seemed to slither. I’m sure the others thought I was a complete nut job.
We saw the most colourful of insects and plants, but most of my pictures, not to mention my memory, is fuzzy as I really couldn’t concentrate.

Due to the heavy rains the Amazon had been receiving as of late, the trail was underwater by a few feet. We walked until the water was knee high, and then decided to turn around and go back to the village, as the high water was too dangerous, and could be full of hidden surprises.
like gigantic man eating snakes…
When we arrived to a local hut our guide Roland went to talk to the man of the house whilst we played with the children. Speaking very little Spanish, I showed them pictures on my camera, and they marveled at my jewelry, skin, and clothing I was wearing.

Roland came back with a big smile on his face. He proceeded to tell us that the man was out fishing earlier and caught himself an Anaconda, and brought it back home. It is considered very good luck to have this snake in your home, as it is believed that all bad luck will be absorbed by the snake, and will not fall onto the people of the village.
another change of underwear please….
Dennis was a brave member of our group that seemed to have no problems with going right up and holding the creature. My friend Emma decided to be next as long as Dennis would be there to hold the head ( I found out later she was pretty scared herself) 

Dennis helping Emma get up close & personal

Roland then asked if anyone else wanted to hold it. I knew I couldn’t back down, and with my heart beating outside my chest, I faced my fears. 

I felt its smooth muscular body wrap itself around my arm as I stared into it’s cold black eyes. My fear was replaced with simple bewilderment and wonder. Dennis brought it closer to my face. The snake open it’s mouth and hissed, its eyes never leaving mine.
After this, we walked into the village where the locals had trinkets they had made to sell. We gave them some items some of us had brought; shirts, toiletries, pens and paper…more to show our appreciation for letting us into their village than it was given to them as something they needed. These people seemed more than content with their life, and I was envious of their life compared to the world of consumerism,selfishness, and greed that I see daily back home.
I brought with me beaded necklaces that my friends from Kenya had made. I thought it would be a nice gesture to give them to the girls and women here. A token of gratitude with a gift made on the other side of the world. 

7 Replies to “Snakes”

  1. You are very brave! I don't have an intense fear of snakes or anything, but I'm sure when faced with holding one, I would hesitate. It's great you could give the village some items to say thanks for your visit.

  2. William, you look pretty calm and collected holding that snake. lol. Believe it or not I am more afraid of lizards than snakes. You've got to be kidding me…a snake in the house. I don't even want one in an aquarium. But I understand it is a good omen for the locals. Yes! You are traveling in the Amazon and catching piranhas. Very cool!

    Happy Travels!

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