The blogging world is a curious one indeed, and can sometimes happily lead me to places and adventures that most likely would never have been realized otherwise.

Such was the case with a blogger talking about Antelope Canyon, outside Page, Arizona. She raved on and on about the canyon she saw, and how she couldn’t wait to hopefully go back and do more exploring.

I did a little research on the area, got my permit ( it’s all on Navajo land and thus one must have a permit as the canyons can only be seen with a guide), filled the car with gas, and six hours later, found myself in the Great land of the Navajo.

Not knowing when I would be able to return, I decided to see all five canyons in one day, through a photo tour. It was the perfect tour for me : in Nov. the crowds are smaller ( we only had three people plus the guide), it allowed plenty of time to takes photo’s, and it gives you a greater sense of the area by seeing all five canyons.
We started in the early morning, meeting just outside of Page at milepost 302 on the lonely highway 98. We bundle into the suburban and drive to our first destination, Owl Canyon. I couldn’t believe it, but a mere few minutes hiking into the canyon and we see two Great Horned Owls!

Each canyon was a separate and completely unique experience, so I’ll detail each out with it’s own post.
The formations of sand and stone as I made my way up Owl canyon took my breath away…little did I know that it would be the first time of many that day for that to happen…

Time to get connected to Nature.

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