It’s just above fifty degrees on this November morning as I make my way into a new city. Little Rock. Previously all I’d known about this town was from the movie character Lieutenant Dan’s comment about the city in Forrest Gump. I needed a more solid frame of reference.

The mighty Arkansas river is before me, as well as a map outlining the biking trail that weaves along both sides of the mighty river, over bridges and through neighborhoods and parks. I make my way back to the Main Street area of downtown, and find that one of the only stores open this early is a bike rental shop. I interrupt the workers morning coffee as I enter.

I decide on a fat tire bike, with this being my first time having ridden one.

I test it out, and love it’s easy handling and the way the tires truly grip whatever surface I encounter. I make my way over the Clinton Bridge and away I go to see this new city from one of my favorite modes of transportation.

The trees are holding onto the last of its Autumn leaves here in the deep South. Mile after mile I ride until my legs turn to jelly.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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