The Great Spirit of Grand Falls

Rumor has it that there is a place on the Navajo Reservation where the water flows greater than Niagara Falls……
 I go searching for this Grand Falls, hoping to connect with the Great Spirit that lives out here. Rumbling and bumbling slowly along unforgiving dusty roads do I travel, the seemingly endless space surrounds me on all sides.
 The winter has been the driest that Arizona has seen in years, but with the recent abundance of snow that has fallen, I am hopeful that the waters have melted into Spring runoff. Perhaps the natives have offered a sacrifice to the Rain God.

I see dust clouds rising up from the red earth, and turn left quickly to investigate. I find a large group of Jeepers that are four wheeling, and luckily they stopped for a quick break at the edge of the Falls. I wouldn’t have found this place otherwise…
 I get out of my truck and walk to the edge. The Falls are as dry as a biscuit. The Rain God must be angry, and agriculture out here on the Reservation will suffer. I sit on the edge and contemplate the upcoming summer for the locals, and a calmness washes over me.

I turn to find that I am alone, the Jeepers have disappeared.
 I start my walkabout, hiking from rim to rim. Even empty and dry, the Falls are a beautiful sight to behold.
 Don’t you think?

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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