Because of TV shows like Star Trek and Flash Gordon, to movies such as Star Wars, I’ve wanted to explore the universe of twinkling lights above my head.
The Lowell Observatory, started in the year 1894 in Flagstaff, has made it possible for those with dreams of space exploration to see the wonders that lie beyond the limits of our earthly vision.
It was here that Pluto was first discovered, as well as what is commonly referred to nowadays as “Deep Space”.
A light snow falls as you walk along the forested path of infamous scientist’s busts. The feeling gives me chills in the most satisfying of ways.
It’s funny how you can feel so insignificantly small in comparison to the vastness, yet at the same time a deep connection between you and all other living things,
Everything has it’s place in the Universe, from the molecule that is a part of the hairs on my arm that tingle, to the matter that makes up the distant planet called Pluto.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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