The fascinating world of puppeteers was first brought to my attention with the classic movie, Being John Malkovich. Memorable quotes such as these certainly put this film to the top of my list of favourites.
“it’s like having a penis and a vagina…”  & ” it’s my head Schwartz, it’s my fucking head!”
When I found that Prague had a National Marionette Theatre only a few blocks from me, I instantly purchased a ticket for a showing of Don Giovanni.

Having absolutely no idea what to expect, I made my way down the small, dark alley to the entrance, descended a flights of stairs to the ticket counter.
I felt like I was going to a seedy burlesque show.

Behind the door though I see a variety of people; old, young couples in love, families….I find a seat near the front of the small theatre. Minutes before the show begins, we meet our host for the evening…..

He entertains with comedic brilliance, then conducts the symphony as the curtains rises.

I can’t say the show was entirely for children, as there was cursing, nudity and violent monsters ( perhaps though audiences in Bohemia are more tolerable than in the USA, or at least the American family in the audience during this show) but I thought it was hilarious and captivating. It was also very interactive ( I got water tossed on me more than a few times!)

All in all, it was probably the quirkiest and most fun I’ve had. The artistry that goes into puppeteering is masterful.

A brilliant piece of work. Enjoy snippets of the show!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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