A friend calls me on a Monday morning, and in the normal course of conversation, asks how my weekend was.
“Good. I was at the Grand Canyon.”
I ask if she has been, and I’m told that they went to the South Rim once, but doesn’t plan on going back….
“Once you’ve seen the big hole, you don’t need to see it again.”
I find this mentality bizarre. The world is amazing around every corner, down each untraveled road. People dream of places half way around the world yet can’t soak in the wonder of their own backyard.
My North Rim cabin is on the edge of picturesque beauty. Through time tested shutter windows I see the sun splash amazing colors upon the millennia of stone.
Trees befriend my spirit as I caress their bark laden souls.
My quest is to find the beauty within this universe, whether that journey takes me 10,000 miles, or 100.
I’ll carry on my own quest to live the life I want for me.
You should too.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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