Frackity Frack, there is no looking back…

He feels the heavy weight of despair upon slumped shoulders. Gravity is slowly winning everyday. He realizes it isn’t so much the actual work he minds, but the triviality of the daily process.

Get it together old man, only for a little while longer. 

The constant gnawing to do something greater than yourself, see life with different eyes, step into the unknown, is a powerful force.

not to be ignored.

He will stave off the loneliness by remembering simple things. He will pace himself so that his heart does not break or wear down from the ticking of time.

The social awkwardness of the silent is sometimes their hidden genius.

2 Replies to “The Phoenix Foundation”

  1. Oh, how I can relate to that heavy feeling… Especially when the sky is falling down… Presses on your thoughts… Never despair! Don't let the despair in, hold on to that little ray of light until it shines right trough…

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