The afternoon thunderstorm forced us to hang out in our room and wait out the rain. Sitting on the balcony, we started noticing movement from above.

Monkeys came out of the trees and the crevasses in the roof of the hotel and started going through people’s belonging that had been left on their balconies.
“Cheeky fellows have some balls”  I thought. We knew we shouldn’t, but we grabbed some food snacks we had, and laying out a trail like Hansel & Gretel, we coaxed the monkeys to us.

Poor fellows looked so sad, probably due to the fact that the hotel staff carried slingshots in their back pockets, and shot at the monkeys whenever they saw them trying to get on the room balconies.

Or….maybe they were sad due to having the Blue Balls!

Oh poor monkeys, but you certainly did enliven our rainy afternoon in Mombasa.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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