So if you watched the Winter Olympics in Feb, or read this blog, you know about Hannah Teter. I mentioned her in a previous post because I found her charitable work commendable, and she is an amazing snowboarder.

So when Mum brought me a local SLC newspaper clipping about Hannah, I was appreciative. Until I read it. ( I wonder if Mum did)…

So Brad Rock ” the rock monster” ( local newspaper sports writer and someone with whom I previously had no qualms with) wrote his little sarcastic, negative quip titled ” Out There….” about Hannah wanting to return to Vermont ( where she lives) and live in a Yurt part-time, while working in her parents garden and using solar and wind power so they can be completely off the grid, I thought, Brad Rock is a jerk and a moron.

But the more I thought about it, the greater my disdain. He even goes as far as to write, and I quote ” Sounds like she’s already a little off her grid, doesn’t it?”

Seriously Brad? You are making fun of someone simply because they want to have a lifestyle different from your own? A lifestyle that may actually help our environment?
I have one word to describe you Mr. Rock, and it rhymes with stick…..

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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