the truth comes out in Chicago

March marks our third month of travel, this time to the windy city of Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day. What should have been a party though turns into a somber realization of the state of our relationship, as the truth is finally revealed at a wine bar just after we arrive.

Sea Bee tells me she is seeing someone, and wants to know if I’m ok with that.
 I tell her I don’t care, which of course isn’t entirely true. I was hoping that it would work out between us, but I’ve already come to the conclusion that we aren’t a good fit. The problem I have is where to go from here….

She wants to stay friends, and tells me that our connection is special. She hopes that we will continue to travel together, and that her new man is perfectly fine with that.

Of course he fucking is, give me a break.
 She texts him all weekend, or leaves our hotel room to call him in the hallway so it’s out of earshot. I suppose she thinks she is doing me a favor, yet I just find it annoying.

In fact the whole situation is one big cluster fuck.
 So I wander the great city of Chicago with her, but not with her, if you know what I mean. I’ve always said that it’s better to be alone by yourself than alone with someone else.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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