Water is the source of life, and to find the heart of a city, I travel the river that nourishes the heart of Praha.
The Vltava.

A cup of hot wine warms frozen fingers as the boat slowly makes it’s way. Children stop playing and wave to the ships passengers, the sky mixed with a pallet of purple, crimson, and hues of blue.

I hold the rail and breathe in the crisp December air. Reminiscing about when I bought an early birthday present, Bruce Springsteen’s new CD, The Rising, for sis.
It was all I could afford, but all that you wanted. The sadness of the album haunts me as it takes me back to two fateful days, 9/11/01 and 01/25/07.

The loss on these days are felt with each song that plays in my head. The Vltava is my silent tribute.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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