The wind caves trail

I haven’t had a consistent workout routine since 1999, which means I was still in my twenties. Back then, it was about having a perceived body image that others would find attractive, not about personal health or wellness.

In my late thirties, my metabolism pretty much slowed to a tortoise’s pace, and combined with the fact of not routinely exercising, I became thick and lazy.IMG_6036
None of this really bothered me though, as my life seemed destined to be one of solitary. Lately that seems to have changed, and although to what degree I’ve yet to find out.

So a workout routine has been put back into place, just a few years shy of turning fifty. It is now about health and personally just feeling better, as time has taken it’s toll on my skin and bones.

You can’t turn back time. But I’m ok with that. These are the thoughts that came to me as I made my way to the Wind Caves trail with the sunrise.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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